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Management & Research Methodology

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Management & Research Methodology

Hospital Management Is The Field Relating To Leadership, Management, And Administration Of Hospitals And Health Care Systems. Effective Leadership And Management Are Essential To Scaling Up The Quantity And Quality Of Health Services And To Improving Population Health. Research Methodology: The Primary Purpose For Applied Research Is Discovering, Interpreting, And The Development Of The Methods And Systems For The Advancement Of Human Knowledge On A Wide Variety Of Scientific Matters Of Healthcare Delivery Systems In Naturopathy And Yoga. In Bnys Curriculum The Research Methodology Refers To The Description Of Process, Or May Be Expanded To Include A Philosophically Coherent Collection Of Theories, Concepts Or Ideas As They Relate To The Discipline Of Naturopathic Medicine And Yoga To Develop The Flair For Adopting And Developing Evidence Based Medical Practice Among The Students And Thereby Contribute To The Development Of The System.

Teaching Hours – 200 Hours In 1 ½ Year (Theory – 150 Hours; Practicals – 50 Hours)