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Department Of Nutrition, Dietetics & Herbs

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Department Of Nutrition, Dietetics & Herbs

Nutrition Is The Organic Process Of Nourishing Or Being Nourished; The Processes By Which An Organism Assimilates Food And Uses It For Growth And Maintenance I.e. Replacement Of Tissues. The Macronutrients Or “Big” Nutrients Include Proteins, Carbohydrates, And Fats. The Micronutrients Or “Little” Nutrients Are The Vitamins And Minerals That We Need To Be Healthy.

Dietetics Is The Science Of Managing Food And Nutrition To Promote Health. A Relatively New Profession, This Field Has Gained Importance With The Realization That Inappropriate Eating Habits Can Lead To Many Major Diseases And That Quality Of Life Depends On The Quality Of Food We Eat.

Herbology Is Also Known As Botanical Medicine, Medical Herbalism, Herbal Medicine, And Phytotherapy Is A Traditional Medicinal Or Folk Medicine Practice Based On The Use Of Plants And Plant Extracts.

Teaching Hours – 350 Hours In 11/2 Year (Theory – 250 Hours; Practicals – 100 Hours )