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Rajashekaraiah Public School occupies a premium position among the top CBSE School in Solur with excellent infrastructure. Established in 2023 at Solur, It is a highly reputed institution in contributing quality education with dedication and dynamism.

An ideal teacher student ratio, inculcating the core values of rich heritage with the ancient values of our tradition strike a perfect balance emotionally, socially, morally, spiritually and mental discipline which enable the students to face the growing global challenges.

We acknowledge this school as our first challenging venture in Solur for the service of the people in the locality. We provide a family environment where children can grow in the security of knowing that school in an extension of home not an institution merely driven by results.

Why Should You Choose RPS?

Sharpening intellectual skills and building character – this is the foundational fabric of education.

We are ranked amongst the top schools in India not only due to our excellent academic track record since 1982 but also because of our emphasis on holistic – physical, mental and spiritual – development. Our value system lays emphasis on strong morals and we strive to instill moral values, ethics and compassion in our students.

Read on to learn as to why we find ourselves at the top spot among the best schools in India.